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Investment decisions are driven by data. We reinvent the way in which we look at financial data, and merge it with sustainability insights. What’s in it for you? A stronger, data backed foundation that reduces risk and gives you insights you didn’t have before – for a richer, more meaningful way to invest.


How we think about data

Data is the key to our decisions. In the finance industry, data science important, but mostly it is used for areas like risk management. Yet there is so much more data out there, that can help us achieve better returns and take into consideration personal goals and opinions.

When others say that better analysis leads to higher profits, we agree. However, we want to expand this notion because we believe that better analysis leads to higher rewards beyond financial returns.

This is where sustainability data comes in. By tapping into various sources, we can go beyond the standard financial measures to bring a deeper, richer understanding to our clients.


Where we source our data

We work with data from some of the leading data providers for financial as well as sustainability data. For us, it is important that our data has a good variety of perspecties and that the data is trustworthy.

Because of this, our aim is not blindly trust a single source, but form a founded opinion after analysing various sources. To do this, we continuously scan the market for other providers, new startups, or analytics approaches to help us achieve this.


How you benefit from our insights

We take the hard work away from you and let you concentrate on what you do best: deal with investments. By using our solutions, you can increase your conversion rate, while also helping your retail investors doing well by doing good: earning strong returns, while financing a better future.


Pure quantitative analysis was yesterday. The richness of data comes from understanding the context and qualitative aspects of the data. This is why our solution combines both quantative and qualitative measures for a deeper understanding.


Comprehensive approach

Our analysis is built around the 17 UN Sustainability Goals (SDG), which have been accepted as a guideline and signed by 193 countries. By receiving nearly infinite data points from our data sources, we can build a comprehensive picture on the real impact that organisations have across these SDGs.


Scientifically robust

We want to continuously grow our data sources to allow us to triangulate the truth on the impact that organisations have. To ensure that we are not getting lost, we are working with different data analyst to challenge our understanding of what is possible.

Our founding team has a strong scientific background and our research follows strong academic rigour. Since we are not selling our own financial products, our advice is completely neutral. No hidden agendas.


Objective and transparent

Measuring sustainability is not always straight forward. Therefore, we like to challenge measurements and understand how these were derived. As part of our data source selection process, we therefore take a good look at the methodology of our suppliers. When we provide data to you, we want to know how it was created – it’s a matter of trust on both sides!


At Ü Impact, we love technology. We continuously explore new technologies to push the boundaries of what we can achieve, with one goal: Increase the investments into sustainability.

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Our take on big data and data analytics

When we talk about measuring sustainability, a lot of the information is unstructured data. This means it has no pre-defined data model or is not organized in a pre-defined manner: Impact can take many forms, and comparing one organisation to another is harder than just looking at financial records.  

To really understand the impact of organistions, we need to dive into big data to help us mine the valuable information. Some of our providers do that already, and we also have our own ideas of how artificial intelligence can help us achieve that in a scalable manner.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost impact analysis

The convergence of business analytics together with emerging computer science fields – in particular artificial intelligence and machine learning – is moving forwards rapidly. This means that we can analyse more complex data more effectively, and tap into previously inaccessible areas. We can learn from textual data, we can recognise patterns, we can comb through data in more meaningful ways than before. Transparency on real, measureable impact increased with every step.


Cloud-based, agile solutions

Your business moves fast – your software should not stand in the way. We are therefore developing agile solutions than can grow with your business, can be adapted quickly to changing demands, and can be used platform independent. So that you can work on your phone or tablet while you’re on the go, or in your office.

By using a cloud-based solution, we can also ensure that our offering can scale quickly to address your demand – whether you want to roll it out to a small team, or all your retail investors.

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Full-Stack Developer (m/f/d)

Your tasks
  • As the hands-on full-stack developer you build the solution and progress the long-term vision as a key member of the company.
  • You have the responsibility for the development of our digital products, using modern architectures and technologies.
  • You work closely with our founding team, bringing together technological, financial and sustainability perspectives.
  • You play a key part in defining and delivering our technology roadmap and providing expertise in the upcoming funding rounds, with the opportunity to grow into the CTO role in the future.
What you should bring
  • Hands-on, can-do mentality. We do not want you to just manage; we want you actively to push development forward.
  • You value diversity of opinions and skills and can align perspectives of stakeholders before translating them into code.
  • Several years of experience in fast moving software development environments, as well as an excitement for modern technologies and frameworks.
  • Experience in various programming language and frameworks, e.g. React, Python, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • A feeling for agile development approaches (SCRUM, Lean Start-up, Design Thinking), and an ability to get the most out of them.
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