We are here to make a difference

We founded Ü Impact to help foster financial equality and increase the positive impact of finance on sustainability. We believe that everyone can do good for the world, without sacrificing financial returns. Our job is to make this happen.

What we observe

German sustainable funds reached a record €100 billion in 2020. The sustainable funds in Germany saw record inflow while non-sustainable funds suffered from outflows.

There is unfortunately a huge gap between the offers of fund providers, and the needs of individual investors. Because of that, many people don’t invest yet.

We want to convert sleeping savings into sustainable investments to overcome social and ecological challenges without sacrificing returns.


What drives us

We believe that everyone can do good to the world, without sacrificing financial returns. But the perceived complexity and lack of education prevents people from accessing many opportunities.

We want to make sustainable investment accessible to the millions of people around the world who care about important causes, but who do not have the access or means to cut through the clutter.

We created Ü Impact, a “sustainable investment as a service” solution with the mission to bring sustainable investment to every aspiring investor.

Lesley Li, CEO of Ü Impact

Our mission

We want to establish the emotional connection between people and finance by demystify the world of sustainable investing.


We are driven by the mission to demystify sustainable investing and make it accessible to every aspiring investor.

This means that we need to cut through the jargon, tackle green washing of investment products and ensure that transparent, trustworthy data is made accessible to the retail investors in an easy way.

Our journey

We have had an exciting journey so far, exploring the best way to bring sustainable investment to the retail investors.

What we've achieved so far

On our journey we have been joined by some remarkable people who support our mission. Our founding team members have extensive experience in the financial sector, and in technology and innovation management. They have been joined by developers and marketing experts that helped push the product forward and get it onto the market.

We have launched our product, and along the way also engaged in various competitions to showcase our company, and spread the word about sustainable investing. 

Being selected by representatives of the German banking sector as one of the most promising impact-focused FinTech startups in Germany, as well as being named one the Top 3 impact ventures in Germany was a great reward for our efforts. 

It also highlights the need to address the current intransparency of the sustainable investment market and the growing demand by the finance sector to push this forward.

Together with our strategic investor, we are now building our platform and started onboarding funds.

Exciting times are ahead of us. Let’s make sustainable investment the new normal. Together.

Some noteworthy achievements


#FinTech4Impact Challenge, chosen by Visa & 13 German banks.

Top 3

Selected as one of Germany’s Top 3 impact ventures. Next step: Global Finals in Q3 2021!

Supported by EU

Startup Stipend awarded by the EU Social Fund and Berlin Partner.

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Full-Stack Developer (m/f/d)

Your tasks
  • As the hands-on full-stack developer you build the solution and progress the long-term vision as a key member of the company.
  • You have the responsibility for the development of our digital products, using modern architectures and technologies.
  • You work closely with our founding team, bringing together technological, financial and sustainability perspectives.
  • You play a key part in defining and delivering our technology roadmap and providing expertise in the upcoming funding rounds, with the opportunity to grow into the CTO role in the future.
What you should bring
  • Hands-on, can-do mentality. We do not want you to just manage; we want you actively to push development forward.
  • You value diversity of opinions and skills and can align perspectives of stakeholders before translating them into code.
  • Several years of experience in fast moving software development environments, as well as an excitement for modern technologies and frameworks.
  • Experience in various programming language and frameworks, e.g. React, Python, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • A feeling for agile development approaches (SCRUM, Lean Start-up, Design Thinking), and an ability to get the most out of them.
Next steps

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