Bringing sustainable investment to every aspiring investor


Bringing sustainable investment to every aspiring investor

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Invest in the causes you care about

Whether it's clean energy, healthcare or diversity & inclusion - we'll have the right investment option for you. And we'll be adding more as we go along, so let us know which ones you would like to see!

Have a look at the UN's Sustainable Development Goals¹ to find out more about what moves the world!

¹ UN, 2020, About the Sustainable Development Goals,

Explore, understand, invest

Ever wondered how solar energy works? Or which companies are providing the technology that supports wind power?

We provide insights into the companies that make up the investment funds so you have a tangible connection with your investments and the companies making a difference.

How it compares

Is impact investing a good idea? Yes, of course! We know there are many myths surrounding it, so let’s bust them!

Some people think it doesn’t earn you much money, some others think it’s complicated. Actually, 7 out of 10 people find that the complexity of the financial language is stopping them from investing.² Maybe that’s why only 39% of investors invest sustainably. However, it’s actually quite easy and very competitive.²

Good Performance

The returns from sustainable investing are very competitive and are comparable to conventional investment alternatives.³

Impact can be measured

The performance of funds is reported, and companies doing good are happily sharing their successes. So you can directly see the impact you're making, and we'll help you keep track of it!

Easy to get started

Sustainable investing is getting increasing focus of investors - it's our dream to make it the new normal. Getting started is as easy as picking out a cause in our app, and putting a few Euros towards it - simple. We'll cut through the jargon and guide you as your portfolio grows.

² UBS, 2018, UBS Investor Watch: Return on Values
³ Friede et al., 2015, ESG and financial performance: aggregated evidence from more than 2000 empirical studies, Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment


Our founding team

Lesley Li

CEO & Co-Founder

Lesley has 10 years of experience in financial services and has worked for banks like JP Morgan Chase, Barclays and Mizuho. She holds two Masters from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Clemens Chaskel

CTO & Co-Founder

Clemens has 15 years of experience in R&D, strategy and technology & innovation managment. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where he is also an Industrial Associate. Clemens also teaches innovation-related modules in MBA programmes at Steinbeis University. He is a Chartered Engineer.

Alistair Hume

COO & Co-Founder

His green credentials were seeded growing up on a farm in New Zealand. He has 13 years of financial services experience behind him, most recently having managed part of the Barclays Brexit project. Relocated to Berlin in March to concentrate full-time in getting ü impact off the ground. He holds a commerce degree and is a chartered accountant.

Our amazing impact makers

Beixi (Amy) Lu

Dev & Marketing

Amy has 8 years of experience in the branding and marketing field and has worked with global leading brands across industries from Volkswagen, Hyundai, to Zalando. After accomplishing a coding bootcamp, she became a full-stack developer and passionately devotes her time to impactful initiatives.

Maria Sirvent


Maria is a Brand, Digital and Social Media Marketeer. She has worked 10 years in top advertising agencies, working for global brands like Nike, Bombay Sapphire, Magnum and Danone. The last 5 years, she has been focusing on building international brands like KAYAK and helping small business and startups grow.

Christian Lorenz


Christian has 12 years of financial services experience working for big banks like JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and HSBC. He is currently completing a developer certification to formalise his multiple years of coding experience. Christian is enthusiastic about innovation and designing and building solutions that make an impact.

Our team is constantly growing, and we’re being supported by a a bunch of great people
in the areas of marketing, product design and development. If you would like to be part of our journey, get in touch!

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