Sustainable investment

From data insights to investment platform - we've got you covered.

We establish the emotional connection between people and finance by demystifying the world of sustainable investing.

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Through our platform you can reach more retail investors and showcase your products through its SDG performance.
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Sustainable investment

From data insights to investment platform - we've got you covered.

We establish the emotional connection between people and finance by demystifying the world of sustainable investing.


Sustainable Investment as a Service (SIaaS)

We provide a platform and sustainability insights to fund managers and distributors. This enables retail investors to select the right investment option based on their sustainability aims and provide a matching platform to carry out the transaction. Right there, right then. For a seamless experience.

Financial performance.

Positive impact.

Financing tomorrow.

We are driven by the mission to demystify sustainable investing and make it accessible to every aspiring investor.

This means that we need to cut through the jargon, tackle green washing of investment products and ensure that transparent, trustworthy data is made accessible to the retail investors in an easy way.

360° sustainability insights

We provide you with an X-ray of financial products to create transparency and enable retail investors to invest with a purpose.

Sustainable investment platform

Enable your retail clients to invest quickly and easily into your sustainable funds through our platform.

Fund Managers: Set yourself apart from the competition.
Focus on Sustainable Development Goals.

Enable your retail investors to understand the funds, and form an emotional connection for a long lasting relationship.
We provide you with a 360° insight into the sustainability aspects of your fund, so that you can better serve your retail investors. 


Uncover the impact

Uncover the impact currently hidden within in your population of sustainable funds.


Highlight sustainability

Highlight the sustainability within your funds provides end clients with the data they are demanding, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.


Improve your inflows

Improve the matching of fund strategy and client demands resulting in improved inflows.

How we do it


Leverage the SDG awareness

The widely recognised UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used as a data framework to allow end-clients to easily compare and choose investment options based on their interests and beliefs.

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Visualise the impact

Our analysisvisualisation and integrated selection tool ensures our detailed fund analysis is tailored to reach the intended audience. This ensures improved alignment between fund strategy and client requirements and mostly importantly maximised inflows.


Continued engagement via content

The latest company developments and news content are constantly refreshed. This compliments the SDG scores, keeping the end client engaged and bridging the gap between their sustainable lifestyle and their investments. This insures stronger conversion and improved lifetime retention.

Why we're the one


#FinTech4Impact Challenge, chosen by Visa & 13 German banks.

Top 3

Selected as one of Germany’s Top 3 impact ventures. Next step: Global Finals in Q3 2021!

Supported by EU

Funding awarded by the European Union's European Social Fund and the City of Berlin.

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We provide indepth sustainability insights into your funds. This will help you create better funds, and makes it easier for your retail investors to understand where their money is going.

Full-Stack Developer (m/f/d)

Your tasks
  • As the hands-on full-stack developer you build the solution and progress the long-term vision as a key member of the company.
  • You have the responsibility for the development of our digital products, using modern architectures and technologies.
  • You work closely with our founding team, bringing together technological, financial and sustainability perspectives.
  • You play a key part in defining and delivering our technology roadmap and providing expertise in the upcoming funding rounds, with the opportunity to grow into the CTO role in the future.
What you should bring
  • Hands-on, can-do mentality. We do not want you to just manage; we want you actively to push development forward.
  • You value diversity of opinions and skills and can align perspectives of stakeholders before translating them into code.
  • Several years of experience in fast moving software development environments, as well as an excitement for modern technologies and frameworks.
  • Experience in various programming language and frameworks, e.g. React, Python, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • A feeling for agile development approaches (SCRUM, Lean Start-up, Design Thinking), and an ability to get the most out of them.
Next steps

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